Monday, 12 May 2014

More art for Egypt ATC swap

'Anubis',  acrylic ink on papyrus, ATC

A painting of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis: lord of embalming, mummification, and guardian to the gate of the afterlife.

I did this ATC mainly  to see if acrylic ink took on papyrus.  I had ordered a few sheets of Egyptian papyrus and its a new surface to me...I found that  I rather like it to work on.  It takes most paints and also inktense you could use the pencils for detailed works and then wet them to get a paint finish.

Anubis was the guardian of the goddess Isis, and helped her when she was searching for the body of the god Osiris, after he'd been murdered by his brother, Seth.  Isis and Anubis invented mummification to reconstitute the broken body of Osiris.  Anubis is represented as a crouching black dog, or as a man with a dog's head. 

Priests embalming human bodies for burial wore dog's head masks for their task.

Dogs are portrayed as guardians of the underworld or afterlife in several cultures, possibly because of their scavenging nature and association with burial sites.  

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