Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Athena- journal page

I started this journal page spread yesterday and finished it today.  It started out as a collaged sketch of an owl which then transformed into the goddess Athena with her owl of wisdom.

'Athena', art journal, mixed media.

The art journal is a great place to experiment and play with materials.  New ideas for imagery often come up when you journal, which you could pursue in larger scale paintings eventually.

This lay-out is mainly collaged papers (background) with pen (outlines) and coloured pencils ( bird and Athena). I used purple tissue for the background areas and purple on her dress because of the association of purple with monarchy.

Minerva/Athena was the goddess of wisdom and patron of the arts.  Now that she has appeared in my journal, it would be good to find out more about her...

Here's a link to information on Athena/Minerva on wikipedia:-


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