Sunday, 19 July 2015

First small piece of fabric paper

Today, I tried making fabric paper, which is essentially collaging papers onto muslin, instead of onto paper or canvas.

'Be Lucky', collage on muslin, 5 by 7 ins.

I used the elephant image again. The fabric paper is flexible because of the muslin backing.  It could be left as is, or used in a journal page or on a canvas.  

I think I'd try this process again but next time I would probably do a bit of planning ahead to choose my colours and images.  I had no plan as I did this one...a spur of the moment project!

I used PVA glue as my collage glue but I wonder if you could use beeswax to collage onto fabric?

Has anyone done that?

All for now.

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JackieP Neal said...

Gorgeous June!! I love your elephant! And yes, you can use the beeswax- I have seen many an artists do this in their encaustic work. I will try and send a few links for you! ")