Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lemurs rule Dudley castle

Journal52 challenge was 'architecture'.  

'Lemurs rule', journal 52, page spread.

I picked a photo of Dudley castle because it came to hand first.  

Since Dudley castle is home to Dudley zoo, and I love the lemurs there, I added lemur photos and doodles from my personal stache.

I'm sorry that this is not the best photo of my journal page. This is due to the poor light of the darker Wintry days, and also the swelling fatness of my journal which makes it difficult to capture the details of the middle of the spread.

Since it was mainly a gluing project, it was relaxing to do for a Sunday morning of art.  

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday too.


1 comment:

JackieP Neal said...

I love those sweet Lemurs as well June!
And there is nothing like a bit of cutting and pasting to relax by on a Sunday morning!! Glad you did!