Monday, 7 December 2015

Listen to the music. Journal page.

Journal 52 challenge is self care for this week..week 49.  Here is my journal page spread.

'Listen to the music', inktense and gelli print, journal page

The sun came out a bit this morning ....and also I turned on my daylight lamp... and thus I managed to get a reasonable photo of today's art.

I used inktense blocks as 'paint' for the woman's face.  I saw someone painting in a youtube video and she used the blocks as her palette and then swiped over the ink with a damp paint brush.  I did that here and I like the technique...It seems to work better than transparent watercolours on this porous paper!

For the page facing the woman, I collaged on a gelli print which had swirls that reminded me of music.

I didn't mean to do this journal page today...but here it is.

Have a lovely week.



Giggles said...

I love it and it's a great message!! Beautiful...and I haven't broken into my large box of inktense blocks yet so this is very inspiring!

Hugs Giggles

Lisa Walker said...

I just treated myself to inktense blocks. I played with them a little, can't wait for a longer play session.

JackieP Neal said...

Love inktense blocks as well as the pencils...
I love your page- this and everyone June! You are such a talent! xo