Friday, 15 January 2016


Sketches and art journal page spread.

 Egypt, art journal spread

Short hair, sketchbook page

Girl with meercat, sketchbook page

A few art things I did this week.  Its a slow start for this year but gathering pace.  

I did the journal page as I wanted to do ...something.... I wasn't in the mood to tackle a painting.  For this page, I glued on a painted deli paper sheet for the background.  Then I added the outline of a face which appeared in the paint, and as it looked 'Egyptian' to me, I collaged on some Egyptian figures from a napkin.  I polished the edges with gold craft polish.  (It looks richer IRL.)

This week, I also did some graphite sketches to practise drawing head and shoulders for possible inclusion in future paintings.  Hopefully, I will feel more like tackling painting by next week, now that the Christmas holiday season is over...

I hope you have a lovely creative relaxing weekend.


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