Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Make time to create

Art journal page spread.

Make time. art journal mini, 4 by 8 ins.

Today, I woke up feeling very sluggish as I'd had a restless night's sleep.  (Lack of sleep!).  I didn't want to work on my current painting project in this downer mood so I picked up the tiniest art (junk) journal I have....to add a bit of collage to it...cutting and gluing is a relaxing process for me.

As it was a junk journal, made from a small flyer/brochure, I was happy to just play.  As it happened, once I stuck down the little fellow at the top of the page, I started to feel engaged with the page...the words 'inspired creations' were  visible through the gesso layer and so I made these my focus for the page.  The time piece and flower motif are also collage.  The stem/branch is from a rubber stamp I made.

By the end of making the page, I felt in better spirits.  Power of the art journal page!!

Hope you are feeling creative today!!

Bye for  now.

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