Monday, 6 June 2016

Coming in to land

India inks.

'Coming in to land', India inks, A4 Cartridge paper.

This was done in a scribbley doodle style, which I find is always good to use when I want to discover imagery for a future painting.  Its fun to scribble until you think of an idea, but it can be nerve-racking when nothing seems to appear.   However,  keep going... and then, as if by magic, a subject will arrive!

This was my first try out of Dr Martin's India ink.  I used a Mitsubishi pen for the drawing and then Dr Martin's teal blue for the sky wash.  In the past, I have used mainly Daler-Rowney FW acrylic inks, which are opaque;  I rather like the Martins transparent ink for the background here.

This was inspired by the surrealism project going on in the classical forum at wetcanvas this month.

That's all for now, folks.

See you later.

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