Thursday, 19 January 2017

Celebrate with Washi tape.

I think I am 'in love' with patterned washi tapes.

'Drifter', ATC, mixed media

'Purple heart,' ATC, mixed media

'Girls', mixed media, 8 by 6 ins approx.

These three have Washi tape borders. I got a few tape designs from Amazon.  I hope to go into town tomorrow and see if I can find Washi tapes in the local shops.

I found an owners manual for an electric appliance amongst my junk yesterday, and it had instructions in many different languages on thin that was a bonus. I incorporated some bits into my 'Purple heart' ATC, and also the mixed media page, 'Girls'.

Not sure how durable these papers will be but the acrylic medium should help.

Susie has her appointment for the big week.

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.




Valerie-Jael said...

Good luck with the OP! I got lovely patterned washi tapes here at the 1€ shop, 5 rolls for 1€, and the stick well, too. Great idea with the borders. Hugs, Valerie

Gibby Frogett said...

Fabulous artwork June.
Yes isn't Washi tape great - I only discovered it last year myself
and have been getting some nice ones in packs from 'The Works'.
Hope all goes well for Susie and the OP.
Have a great weekend.
Gill x

sirkkis said...

Gorgeous ATCs, June. I use washitapes often in my mixed media works.
Have a happy PPF and weekend xx

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

What wonderful ATCs, you've done some amazing things with the tape. I haven't tried it in anything as of yet, but yours look lovely. I hope all goes well for Susie.

Linda Kunsman said...

Marvelous ATCs and card! I love washi tapes and have quite the collection:) Good luck to sweet Susie. Happy PPF!

Jan said...

Gorgeous ATC art!!! I don't know what Washi tape is but I am going to find out :)

Happy PPF!!!

denthe said...

I still find it amazing how much difference a border of washi-tape can make. Your ATC's are gorgeous, as well as your mixed media piece! I need to start working on ATC's again ...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the medium should help the newsprint to survive, should seel it but still allow you to use it in the future if you need to

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

These are really beautiful. I have not been able to find Washi Tape here guess I will have to go on line for it.

Giggles said...

These pages are awesome..Washi tapes can be so fun! My daughter got a bunch real cheap for me. Enjoy!! Susie looks slightly annoyed as though she knows what about to happen!!

Hugs Giggles

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab...I love washi tape too

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fabulous art June!
Good luck with the OP!
oxo Susi

Fran said...

Those are great paintings and the tape really completes them.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you should be able to find some of the tape in most craft/arty shops, sometimes pound shops will have some too. i've never used it but keep meaning to give it a try