Friday, 12 May 2017

Not much art this week

Some small bits only.

'A gentleman caller', ATC.

'She shall have music wherever she goes', ATC.


Susie says 'Hi!'

Very little art done this week due to an attack of food poisoning on Wednesday.  I was laid low for two days but I feel better today, although still shaky.

The tag and ATCs were done at the beginning of the week.


These were a simple matter of collaging some doodles from a few years ago onto some pre-coloured backgrounds.


This particular tag design was inspired from a youtube video  by  +Susanne Rose

Susie's news

Susie was supposed to go to the vet on Wednesday but since I was ill she didn't go.  I made an appointment for next week.

Hope you are all well.  Take care and have a good weekend.

Bye for now.


Valerie-Jael said...

Your art is gorgeous, as always. Susie too! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Jan said...

June, wonderful art again today! I do love your style!
All pieces are great but Susie is the best :)
Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope that you are feeling better now~

sirkkis said...

Fun cards and beautiful​ tag.
Horrible this kind of poisoning :-( Hope it's over now.
Greetings to you and Susie, love 💕

gillena cox said...

Luv Luv the tag that's my favorite today. Happy PPF

Much love...

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful small art! And a hello to Susie too. Be well and happy PPF!

inkslinger said...

Your artwork is lovely. And what a gorgeous cat. Hope you feel better soon.

Giggles said...

Love your gentleman much personality in that piece...all wonderful work!! Sorry about your sick bout!! Feel better soon!!

Hugs Giggles

Susan said...

Super portraits! I like your style and the interesting backgrounds you use. Food poisoning is no fun. Hope you are recovered.
Happy PPF

Gibby Frogett said...

Oh poor you - that's nasty - I hope you are feeling much better now June.
Your ATCs are cool - especially the gentleman caller :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend
Gill x

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great ATCs and love all the bug on the tag :)

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Your small bits are fantastic!!

Jackie P Neal said...

omgoodness! Whatever did you eat that made you ill,June? I do hope you are feeling better- such a terrible feeling that is!
Love your atc's and that Susie is just to darn cute! Hope she is returning to good health as well.

denthe said...

I like the combination of black marker on coloured backgrounds. Suzie is looking pretty sleepy ... (and cute!) ;-)