Thursday, 20 July 2017

A stumptail monkey.


'Goldilocks, a stumptail monkey', watercolours, 8 by 10 ins., paper.

Watercolour painting.

I painted this portrait to try out my hand-made vermilion watercolour paint, and also to become familiar with the shape of the stumptail muzzle.

I was pleased with the performance of the paint, which turned out to be very smooth and rich. I can see a few things in my painting that I'd like to do differently but I will leave that for the next attempt.

These lovely stumptail monkeys are found in India, Thailand and China.   Last century, they were kept in captivity as zoo and laboratory animals  because -compared to other macaque species- they are a friendly, docile, monkey.  People used to keep them as pets too.  

Stumptails have a very small tail which is often hidden in the fur, hence the name: stumptail, or bear macaque.   They prefer to walk about on the ground rather than climb about in the trees...perhaps this is easier for them as they are stocky and fairly heavy weight. They are about the size of a cocker spaniel.  The adults have bright red faces which darken down with age.  Their fur can range from silver, through orange, to brown,  to almost black. 

They are currently listed as vulnerable in the endangered list because their forest habitat is being destroyed.  

Nowadays, there is international monitoring of these monkeys to regulate and protect them.

It is a sign that we are improving our attitude.

Susie, what's up there?

Bye for now....

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Valerie-Jael said...

Your Goldilocks is great, and I wonder what Susie is looking at? Wonderful photo! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

This monkey is just BEAUTIFUL June and I always like to see Susie - she is such a cutie!
Happy weekend!

sirkkis said...

Handsome monkey indeed, June.
Happy weekend to you, too 💕

Laney said...

This is an amazing painting - you are such a talented artist. I am amazed that you made some of your own paint! Was it very difficult to do? I like the art in your blog header, too. And I always LOVE to see what Susie is up to. :) Happy PPF!

Linda Kunsman said...

what an expressive face on that beautiful stumptail monkey - just beautiful! I too wonder what has Susie's interest? :) Happy PPF!

Susan said...

Hadn't heard of the stump tailed monkey but this surely is a beauty! Love the vibrant colors and sad to hear of yet another animal leaving the planet because of humans. Happy PPF

Mandy said...

Just wonderful June....this monkey looks like a wise old fellow...thank you for sharing him...visiting from ppf...xx

Julie said...

Your painting is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color choices you made and all of the details you've included in the fur. My favorite is the look you managed to capture in his eyes. Beautiful work!

A Colorful World said...

Your monkey is awesome! Beautifully done. Love the cat too.

geistige_Schritte said...

The monkey is beautifully painted .. the color play is great!!!
Happy Weekend

Jennifer McLean said...

well captured. I have to admit, monkeys aren't my favorite animals but reading about them, they'd be my favorite, lol. He looks friendly in your painting! Visiting from PPF.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really nice painting, the fur texture is great :)

Giggles said...

Phenomenal piece...just gorgeous...I have no idea how you would change anything!! Just delightful!! And Susie is quite a character!!

Hugs Giggles

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow June this is just magnificent. Well done indeed.

Irene Rafael said...

You were able to get so much detail into your stump tail portrait! It's wonderful. Happy PPF!
~~ Irene