Tuesday, 4 February 2014

doodle to start the day

'Opera singer', postcard, pen and watercolour wash

I have started doing postcard size doodles to begin the art day.  Its relaxing, especially if you keep it loose and don't worry about how it will turn out.  Its not meant to become a finished art piece; rather a loosening up exercise, relaxing fun, a wake-up to your art day thing. 

I like to use my left hand to scribble with ink, and then switching to my right hand to wash in colours.  I use pan colours for quickness (no need to squeeze out paints).

Today, I also did a couple of quick ATC ideas on the mask theme for a swap due next month.  I was inspired by African art but didn't copy particular masks for these 2 efforts.  They're preliminary ideas which may or may not end up in my swap set.  

Masks, ATC, mixed media 

They are pen lines over gelli prints.

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